8 SEO problems solved by this AI SEO tool

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Would you like to rank higher than your competitors in search results?

Do you feel like your really difficult SEO tools are no longer giving you a real advantage?

It’s time to go beyond the tools your competitors are using. Stop using historical data and start looking at SEO tools that accurately predict the impacts of Google algorithm updates.

Get your ultimate SEO advantage by accurately predicting future SERPs so you can really rank higher.

You can do this with a comprehensive SEO intelligence tool, like Market Brew.

SEO intelligence uses AI to determine the future of your search by helping you:

Today, we’ll take a look at how to resolve hiccups at each step, but first, let’s learn more about what SEO information is.

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1. Predict Exactly How Algorithm Changes Will Affect Your Search Visibility

With Market Brew’s sophisticated AI process, you can confidently predict the future of searches on your site.

Yes, with AI, you can predict SEO rankings instantly, months before those changes show up in their rank trackers.

Instead of spending hours upon hours researching what might happen in the future, and putting your own personal credibility on the line, Market Brew can show you exactly what to expect from a volatile update Google’s algorithm.

How? By creating an SEO testing platform, or predictive model, based on real algorithmic data.

When your SEO team completes a task in Market Brew, the changes are tied directly back to the predictive model that the task was based on.

Users can immediately see the effect of even the smallest optimization, leading to a deeper understanding of how each SERP is calculated.

Predict your ranking shifts, now →

2. Learn & Observe Decisions Search Engines Make

Wondering why a competitor’s page is higher than yours?

Need to explain to clients why Google is shaking things up again?

Using AI, you’ll be able to get the SEO analysis you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

Being able to use a genetic algorithm and self-calibrating each search engine model, Market Brew will help you understand how each SERP change occurred by comparison – it will look at the changes in biases / weights of different learned algorithms before and after the Google algorithm update.

Market Brew uses Particle Swarm Optimization to adjust the algorithmic settings on its standard model so that Market Brew’s results look exactly like the target SERP results.

Each time this calibration process runs, the bias/weight settings are updated and stored.

When Google implements its next algorithmic update, Market Brew automatically recalibrates its search engine models.

With the new calibration settings, users can easily see which algorithms are now more or less important.

3. Conduct Truly Accurate Competitive Research With AI

With Market Brew, you can start by looking at your competitors’ sites in a detailed side-by-side comparison.

You can quickly create a list of SEO pros and cons, with websites in the same field.

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Here, you will be able to pay attention to important comparison data, for example:

Looking at your competition will give you guidance on how to improve your site. Competitor comparisons save time, money, and resources when you capture market share in search.

4. Measure Total Link Value

The links on your pages are an essential part of getting traffic to your site, especially the number of links and the authority of the links.

The types of links on your page can significantly affect the value and ranking authority of one page to another. Measuring links is the simplest method of determining a site’s backlink value.

Market Brew scores every link on your site with the most sophisticated link algorithms to create the most accurate overall representation of how powerful each link is.

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When looking at the overall value of your links, here are things to consider:

You should always be intentional with your linking. Remember:

If you link to a restaurant business grand opening from an article about where to trade in your car, the link is irrelevant – Google will notice this, and so should your SEO link software. Irrelevant links provide neither authority nor value.

5. Measure & Evaluate Keyword Link Value

Market Brew uses targeted keywords as anchor texts for internal linking and link building from other websites to help certain pages rank on search engines.

This calculation, combined with Market Brew’s sophisticated link scoring, determines the distribution of anchor text that other tools cannot see and assigns a specific importance to each anchor text, based on the quantity and quality of backlinks shared by this anchor text.

SEO tools can help you find your highest ranking keywords. Change your anchor text distribution using your primary and secondary anchor texts.

Link variations perform better on search results for both primary and secondary keywords. The goal is to rank for specific keywords and target your anchor text distribution to the right landing pages.

6. Determine Real E-A-T Scores

E-AT stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. According to Google, E-AT is one of the most important factors when evaluating a website’s overall Page Quality Score.

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Google says you need these things to be trusted and authoritative:

Until Market Brew’s insights, SEO professionals had no way to measure E-A-T scores with credibility and trust.

In 2021, Market Brew deployed its first expert algorithm (the E in E-A-T) that measures content coverage for each page’s content cluster.

In certain search results, this expert algorithm correlates with ranking positions.

Market Brew is the world’s first statistical modeling tool for search engines.

Market Brew is a search engine built by search engineers that can calibrate itself to behave like any search engine in the world. Its AI-powered task system provides seamless navigation through all relevant parts of the search engine model, revealing priority SERP-specific tasks from off-page to on-page and everything in between.

A successful SEO campaign starts and ends with Market Brew search engine models.

7. Establish Topic Authority

Imagine being able to submit every change to Google and see what happens. With Market Brew’s SEO testing platform features, you can.

Market Brew’s Spotlight algorithm allows users to establish the perfect Topic Authority and understand exactly which cluster of site topics are performing better, and even which expert topics the content should be talking about.

Screenshot from the Market Brew Algorithm Spotlight tool, November 2022

All Market Brew accounts come standard with the following:

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8. Identify Keyword Stuffing

Topic clusters are a distillation of keywords, and keywords are essential to SEO.

But stuffing your copy with too many keywords suggests that you focus on rankings rather than readers – and search engines notice.

Instead, Google wants to see intentional content that adds value to its readers. That is why Google frowns on pages that contain keywords.

Instead, focus on responsible SEO keyword optimization.

Using two to five keywords per page is a safe number for your SEO.

Instead of using the same keyword over and over again on your site, find related content for each keyword to prevent overusing one keyword and build a cluster of content.

Google rewards sites with focused content clusters, and sites that use them tend to have denser content if a page has a variety of keywords and related content.

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Simplify Your SEO Process

If you want to simplify your enterprise SEO optimization process, stick with Market Brew.

All Market Brew accounts come with Market Focus capabilities, which start with a keyword-based approach. Then, with Market Brew’s robust link scoring layer, the technology calculates a basket of keyword clusters for each page.

Market Brew’s auto-discovery system uses this data to guide you to the exact algorithms that are the determining factors in the target search engine environment, displayed on the Top Optimizations screen.

Finally, manipulating search rankings with repeated words or phrases will only result in a lower position in Google search results.

Make your life simpler and let Market Brew take your keyword optimization to the next level with our software.

SEO professionals consider our predictability analysis to be the closest thing to a guarantee of SEO services.

Through our search engine replication process, we quickly and clearly show you how to best optimize your site, making it a walk in the park for you and your business.

Interested in signing up for a Market Brew account? Book a demo today, and see how valuable our software can be to your business.

Featured Image: Image by Market Brew. Used with permission.

What is SEO in AI?

Search optimization AI analyzes the relationships between sites, content pages, and search engine rankings. The results are fast, actionable, and even automated tactics to optimize the competition. Here’s how: Identifying Opportunities.


What are the 5 important concepts of SEO?

SEO involves five main steps:

  • Keyword research. Find what people are looking for.
  • Content creation. Craft material for searchers.
  • SEO on page. Make your content as clear as possible.
  • Link building. Build trust and authority from other websites.
  • Technical Senior.

What is the most important part of SEO? Google’s #1 Ranking Factor At WebTek, we say that the most important parts of SEO and the most important Google ranking factors are web page titles and heading tags. Titles are the prime real estate on any website – they’re your best chance to tell Google exactly what your website or webpage is about.

How does AI improve marketing?

AI marketing can help you deliver personalized messages to customers at appropriate points in the consumer lifecycle. It can also help digital marketers identify and target at-risk customers with information that will make them engage with the brand again.

Why is AI the future of marketing? With AI-powered tools, marketing teams will be able to automate certain cognitive tasks. They will also be able to see current trends, as well as their predictions for the future, which will help ensure their marketing campaign.

How does AI influence marketing?

AI-based personalization gives brands the ability to increase customer engagement, improve customer loyalty, improve sales and give them a deeper insight into what their customers want in real time.

How has the use of artificial intelligence affected the success of marketing?

Thanks to AI, it will be much easier for brands to: Identify which customer segments should be added or removed from campaigns. Show their customers exactly the products they are likely to use.

How AI is used in marketing and advertising?

Advertisers use AI to identify and segment audiences, create ad creative, test their ads, mitigate ad bias, improve ad performance, and optimize their overall spend.

How does AI help in digital marketing?

In addition to answering questions through chatbots, AI can be used to gather more data about prospects and customers, then AI can use that data to predict future behavior as well as develop more targeted messages.

How AI is transforming digital marketing?

The Role of AI in Marketing AI can help with a number of tasks in digital marketing, including optimizing campaigns, understanding customer behavior, and providing personalized recommendations. In addition, AI can also help automate tasks such as customer service and report generation.

Can you name a benefit of using artificial intelligence for marketing?

Faster data-driven decision-making AI-powered systems generate helpful marketing insights and reach the right customers at the right time. You can craft your messaging based on these insights and make it meaningful and engaging to convert.

What is search strategy in AI?

A search strategy specifies the paths chosen from the boundary. Different strategies are obtained by modifying how the path selection on the boundary is implemented.

What is blind search strategies in AI? A blind search (also known as an ignorant search) is a search that has no information about its domain. The only thing blind search can do is distinguish a non-target state from a target state.

What is the role of search in AI?

Search has always been a critical component of AI. Another significant implementation of “search” in AI is through algorithms, also known as “maximization” techniques. Examples of these techniques are Hill Climbing, Gradient Generation, Simulation Analysis, and possibly Genetic algorithms.

What is best for search in AI?

The Best First Search algorithm is used in artificial intelligence to find the shortest path from a given start node to a target node in a graph. The algorithm works by expanding the nodes of the graph in order of increasing distance from the starting node until the target node is reached.

What is a search in AI?

Search is the universal problem-solving technique in AI. There are some single-player games such as tile games, Sudoku, crossword, etc. The search algorithms help you to search a particular place in such games.