Growing Up In the Home SEO Leadership by Tessa Nadik

Growing Up In the Home SEO Leadership by Tessa Nadik

Transforming and growing your career from a smart SEO expert to a good leader is not an easy task, and there are many people who will question your interests along the way.

Just ask Tessa Nadik, Executive Director of SEO Product and Content Strategy for Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.

“I can’t read the times I was told, ‘SEO is not the way to work,’ Nadik told me recently.

“THAT’S a satisfying career path that has the potential for lasting growth, especially if you work well with evaluation, critical thinking and lasting change. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘Next “In fact, SEO itself is a very effective way of working,” he added.

Tessa was a technical network technician for United States Steel when an acquaintance introduced him to an exciting opportunity: a small metal / trading company looking to hire someone to build Their SEO and the presence of incoming markets.

He said: “I really ended up in SEO by accident. As he was the only employee of the advertising company, he was the only one to find a way to resolve the penalty found in hand on his first day.

In this interview, Tessa shares her career journey from a sales vendor to an in-house SEO leader – who already knows how to develop talent, motivating teams, and promoting SEO across the organization. .

Paving A Career Path In SEO

Paving A Career Path In SEO

Can you tell us more about what got you into SEO? Which way did it bring you to where you are today?

Tessa Nadik: “After spending a year in that first phase, I went to DICK’S Sporting Goods, where my SEO work accelerated.

The class was bigger than most, and I had a chance to learn more than I thought, and quickly.

I worked with a ton of our SEO SaaS partner on the web, Matt Grabiak, to learn the ins and outs of technical SEO.

Thanks forever to Matt and the other people I met along the way who taught me not only SEO but how to build and lead a team.

As a schoolboy, I never imagined myself as a leader of the people in the early years, but I needed to continue in the early companies.

In my first role as a human leader, I learned a lot about managing teams and what kind of leader I wanted to be.

Since then, I have been very active in my role as a leader and environment for my team. To my surprise, I also fell in love with the leading teams, removing obstacles along the way and celebrating their victory. ”

Transferable Skills Will Serve You Well In SEO

You have worked on a variety of stairs – metal buildings, sports equipment, cars, education and more. What are some of the key skills that can be transferred to SEO that will take you anywhere?

Tessa Nadik: “There are many different approaches to SEO, but there are skills and characteristics that make SEO successful based on my experience.

Communication skills are essential regardless of the circumstances. Being able to communicate with whom, why, and how important it is.

Second, adaptability. Algorithms change, industries change, and we have to change with it. There will always be elements of SEO and any activity that we cannot control.

However, we can control the way we adapt, and if you succeed in adapting, you will do well in SEO. ”

Evangelizing SEO At The Leadership Level

Evangelizing SEO At The Leadership Level

In your LinkedIn position, one of your responsibilities is to “advocate and evangelize SEO through organization and leadership.” What tips can you share to help others do this successfully?

Tessa Nadik: “As the Executive Director, my responsibilities have increased.

Our organization has grown from about 11 to about 30. Although this is still expanding my territory, the preaching work is still going on.

In this organization, we are fortunate to have a large customer base – this was not always the case in previous operations.

SEO can take the seat behind the other priorities, but anyone can change that mindset in the right way.

Not only is it important to have high-quality customers, but the shopping of your peers and different groups is just as important.

Strengthening those relationships and demonstrating quality are two things that will change the game. You cannot expect the team to lead the work if they do not understand “why”.

Like SEO, it’s your job to show “why”. That is no longer this black box where we do not know what will happen. We can certainly make educated estimates.

Get rid of this fake disease and have the idea that no one in your company can do this like you.

You also need to know when to slow down and when to push as hard as possible for something.

Growing up in your job means you can see a bigger picture, which means SEO is not a priority in a lifetime. Realizing this changes the game and makes working with others more manageable and productive. ”

Striking The Right Balance Between Leadership And Management

Striking The Right Balance Between Leadership And Management

In your leadership position, how is your time divided between SEO strategy, people management and other activities?

Tessa Nadik: “In my case, I balance my time with policy management and paving the way for it.

I always emphasize that I am a hands-on leader in that I do not just talk about SEO or lead; I can also do SEO.

This is something I emphasize and it is important to me because when our team needs a break, or something else happens, I am here to provide protection and filling up without any problems.

I spend most of my time working with our team to discuss and inspire ideas to grow.

We have a wonderful environment in which everyone has a voice and is not afraid to say, ‘I don’t know.’

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and it is my job to make sure that our platform allows everyone to express their thoughts, ask questions, work collaboratively, and grow in activities. see. ”

Making Sense Of Disruptive Trends

Making Sense Of Disruptive Trends

Are there any emerging digital systems that you think will be the biggest hurdle and what marketers should know about it now?

Tessa Nadik: “In my opinion, there are always trends that come up and hinder SEO.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you stick with the partners in your organization.

Consider the emergence of many paid features, video, community, news, and other entries.

Without good interactions with your partners, this hinders SEO, but becomes a collaborative and collaborative strategy.

The best in the business class SEO can’t be done with silo alone; to take the city. ”

Closing Thoughts

What do you wish you knew before entering the SEO industry that you can share with others to help them grow and prosper?

Tessa Nadik: “Although it is not always easy, SEO is a satisfying career path with endless growth opportunities.

SEO can be a great way to work if you do well with analysis, deep thinking, and lasting change.

Note that I said the way to work: I can’t count the times I was told, ‘SEO is not the way to work.’

I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What’s next?’ And in fact, SEO itself is the perfect way to work, whether it’s traditional SEO or growth! ”

Image courtesy: Courtesy of Tessa Nadik