How to implement a video SEO strategy

Mark Munroe is a long-time SEO veteran and the creator of the technical SEO monitoring tool, SEORadar. Most recently he was Senior vice president at Nuvolum.

We all know that content is king when it comes to SEO. However, winning SEO strategies today require more than good text content.

Good content today also includes video. A video SEO strategy is no longer optional to drive growth – it’s essential.

So what’s an SEO strategist to do? How do you lay out a comprehensive strategy that will impress your boss and get results beyond your client’s expectations?

Video drives traffic and leads

Let’s get down to the basics for a second. Digital consumption is growing at a faster clip. People have access to more information than ever before, which has led to a flood of content. Because the content is abundant, it doesn’t take that long for people to decide if your content is worth their time.

One of the fastest ways to get people to notice your content is through video. In fact, the human brain processes images thousands of times faster than text, and viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video compared to 10% when reading.

Additionally, studies have shown that video consumption isn’t just for entertainment and funny pet videos – 84% of people say they were convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand video. Not only is it effective as a marketing tool, it also drives traffic and leads – 86% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website. The main source of that extra traffic is, of course, Google search.

Getting a steady jump in web traffic is every SEO strategist’s dream, and videos are no mean feat for doing it. See what happened when we put high-quality, relevant videos on a client’s website:

Why is video good for SEO?

These days, SEO is about much more than matching search queries to keywords on a page. Google aims to deliver content that meets user needs and considers the overall user experience. Google’s search quality evaluation guidelines place importance on the following when determining the quality of a website:

Taking these points into account is essential to create a good user experience with good content.

How to implement a video SEO strategy

The type of content you create for your current user base will determine the right video SEO strategy for you. It is worth taking the time to conduct a content audit and determine the type of content you have. This can form the basis of your video content strategy.

This is also a great way to identify where you have any gaps in your current strategy. Video can help fill that gap as well.

Watch out: A common mistake when implementing video SEO is creating a video that doesn’t match your strategy at all. Instead, the video becomes something you simply do as you think you should. Whatever your growth goals are, make sure the video(s) you create are part of the larger strategy.

The different types of videos include:

What is SEO strategy in YouTube?

YouTube SEO is the practice of optimizing your channel’s page, playlists, metadata, description and videos. You can optimize your videos for YouTube search engine as well as other search engines. Users can find your videos through Google, Bing, etc.

What is the best SEO for YouTube? 27 Best YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your YouTube Rankings

  • Google Keyword Planner. Google has solutions to all your digital problems. …
  • TubeBuddy. …
  • YouTube Studio. …
  • VidIQ. …
  • Serpstat. …
  • Automatically recommend YouTube. …
  • Google Trends. …
  • Keyword

How do I SEO my YouTube videos?

YouTube SEO Tips. Rename your video file using target keyword. Enter your keyword naturally in the title of the video. Optimize your video description.

What is your SEO strategy?

What is an SEO strategy? SEO strategy is the process of organizing website content by topic to improve the likelihood of appearing in search results. Basically, it is the process you follow to maximize the opportunity to get organic traffic from search engines.

What is an example of SEO strategy?

For example, your SEO goal might be to increase organic revenue by $100,000 over the next 12 months. And your KPIs for this goal could be organic impressions, organic traffic and ratings. The right KPIs to track depend entirely on your goals and strategy.

What are the three strategies of SEO?

Focusing on these three pillars of SEO – authority, relevance, and experience – will increase the opportunities for your content and make earning links easier. You now have everything you need for SEO success, so get to work!

What are 3 SEO? The three types of SEO are: On-page SEO â Anything on your web pages â Blogs, product copy, web copy. Off Page SEO – Anything that happens away from your website that helps your SEO Strategy- Backlinks. Technical SEO â anything technical done to improve Search Rankings â site indexing to help bot crawling.

What is SEO on videos?

Video SEO is a holistic process that maximizes traffic for your video content from Google, Bing and other search engines. YouTube SEO (also known as YouTube optimization) is the process of maximizing your presence on search and related videos within the YouTube platform.

What does video do for SEO? Shoppers are twice as likely to make a purchase after watching something like a product video than they are without that content, so videos will not only help increase your SEO by get more eyes on your site, but it will also carry the ball further down. the field and help to convince those people really…

How long should a SEO video be?

Video length If the content is a product video to introduce a service or feature, keep it under two minutes if possible. When you want to rank the video for inquiries related to reviews or demos, maybe 3-5 minutes is more appropriate.

What does video SEO stand for?

Video is a powerful medium, attracting two to three times more monthly visitors to websites. With the demand for video growing, it’s important that people can easily find your video content. This can be achieved through video search engine optimization (Senior).

Why is video SEO important?

Videos give you a boost in rankings, allowing more people to see your site, which means more people will click on your link. But, they won’t stay on your site very long if your on-page content isn’t high quality.

What does SEO stand for in media?

Search engine optimization (Senior) is all about targeting your website to rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP) so that you get more traffic. The aim is usually to rank on the first page of Google results for search terms that mean the most to your target audience.