SEO Tips and Opportunities [Podcast]

Which is more important to your SEO bottom line? Data or feelings?

Dmitrii Kustov of Regex SEO joins me on the SEJShow to talk about SEO Data, the opportunities for SEO from home services (which have exploded post-Covid), and other emerging search trends.

You’ll also get information on Google updates, tracking and ROI expectations from SEO, and building localized service-oriented leads.

Start recording data. Start tracking data today. Without it, you can’t make any decisions based on the data you don’t have. – Dmitry Kustov, 13:57

Instead of Search Engine Optimization, I like Organic Income Generation. What is the purpose of organic search? It’s not just traffic, it’s revenue generation from that channel. A lot of people don’t have that phrase, but that’s what I prefer to call SEO, “Organic Income Generation”. – Dmitry Kustov, 21:48

I’ve always experienced that I don’t see SEO as a standalone service that people buy, and that’s it. It needs to be integrated into the overall marketing machine, where lead quality and follow-up come in. Marketing gets someone further down the funnel to make that sale. –Loren Baker, 4:28 p.m

[00:00] – About Dmitri.

[02:10] – Home services Dmitri specializes in.

[03:18] – What does it mean to be data-driven?

[06:12] – What pure ROI means.

[09:27] – Should you focus on high-ticket items for on-site optimization?

[17:48] – Dmitri’s viewpoint on ranking only for the front end.

[22:59] – Role of direct data search.

[27:46] – Questions to ask product teams to start recording data.

[29:55] – Can you leverage national blog traffic for home services?

[35:07] – Dmitri’s take on Google’s recent content updates.

[40:47] – Dmitri’s thoughts on E.A.T.

Do podcasts help with SEO?

Regex SEO –

Content is not just textual content. Textual content is currently disappearing. So if you’re an established business, doctor, health practitioner or vet, hire an intern videographer or editor and just let them follow you around and do a little YouTube showing whatever or small interviews. It is much easier for a doctor or any expert to sit in front of the camera for 15 minutes and answer a few questions than to sit down and write a 2000 article that will take a day or more. If you have video content, YouTube is your friend. Nowadays, textual content is becoming a smaller part of content marketing. – Dmitry Kustov, 50:53

  • If you are in the marketing industry and SEO game and doing it right, it means you produce great content, don’t use any black hat, gray hat backlink building or any of those things, none of the updates will affect you. They should even improve your rankings. – Dmitry Kustov, 37:49
  • There is a big difference between faith and knowledge. Someone may be the smartest individual in their space, and someone may be incredibly knowledgeable. However, it does not necessarily mean that they are reliable. –Loren Baker, 46:32
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  • Having a strong passion for business and a desire to help others led Dmitri to start his own company – Regex SEO. He works with companies of all sizes to help them grow their online presence.
  • As a data-driven Marketing Director, he helps companies increase market share and revenue by optimizing their marketing budgets. Among other high-profile marketing platforms, he has been featured on Forbes, MOZ, and SEMrush HackerNoon.
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What does SEO stand for in podcast?

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What is podcast submission in SEO?

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How does SEO work with podcast?

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Do podcast transcripts help SEO?

Podcasts are useful SEO assets, so it’s important to help them rank. Gain visibility in search with these tips.

Should I include transcript of a podcast?

How do you increase your podcast ranking? 12 Ways to Raise Your Podcast Ranking

What keywords should I use for my podcast?

Podcast search engine optimization. …

Ask for ratings and reviews. …

Do podcasts have keywords?

Promoting podcasts on social media. …

What are the key features of podcast?

Monitor episode performance in Apple Podcasts Connect. …

What are keywords in a podcast?

Encourage listeners to subscribe. …

Is podcast an effective advertising tool?

Create great content. …

Get your show listed in as many directories as possible.

How effective is podcast advertising?

The Basics of Audio SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO stands for âSearch Engine Optimization.â It is the practice of specific website optimization techniques that can lead to higher search engine rankings. These unpaid search engine rankings are called âOrganicâ search results.

Are podcast ads successful?

What is a Podcast Submission? Podcasting is an attractive means of delivering messages. It tries to keep the audience hooked and helps the brand to reach the desired position. If you are a great speaker, then you should invest in getting the knowledge of what podcast submission is.

Is advertising on a podcast worth it?

Using the right podcast keywords is essential for any type of SEO, and podcasts are no exception. Keywords tell Google that your episode is relevant to a user’s search, and therefore more likely to appear in results. With smart podcast SEO, your show can appear in Google search results.

Why is podcast advertising good?

Boost your SEO and find new listeners Podcast transcription converts all the keyword content of your podcast episodes into text that bots can read. You’ll find that publishing your podcast transcripts along with your audio files will significantly increase your web traffic, which will help you find new listeners.