6 New SEO Tools to See Google Algorithm Update Experience

6 New SEO Tools to See Google Algorithm Update Experience

Uncover Your Writers’ True Expertise

Uncover Your Writers’ True Expertise

Experience is one of the biggest contributors to highly ranked content.

Elon Musk says the best way to interview an employee is if someone says they led a project, ask them for the details.

If they really took care of the project, they will know every detail.

If they were only part of the project, then they would not.

Like Musk, Google can distinguish between those who know the written content and those who only regurgitate it.

How can you make sure your content controls the “expert” part of E-A-T?

Market Brew’s Expert Score can help.

YMYL: Improve Your SEO Content Expertise Score

If your content belongs to the verticals of Your Money or Your Life (YMYL), this is the tool for you.

Experience is what signals to Google that this content is helpful to readers.

The higher your content and writing skills, the higher the potential position on SERPs.

Market Brew’s Expert Score represents what percentage of content was written on the topic.

Higher scores are related to experienced writers.

Find out if your content has a high Experience Score.

How Does The Expertise Algorithm work?

First, each of the named creatures linked below is searched in the Market Brew Knowledge Graph.

Named creatures that are closely related are also taken.

Each named unit has an abstraction associated with it, and all those abstractions are then fused together to form a cluster of content.

Stopwords are removed and a calculation is made to see how much overlap the bottom content has with the “expert” content.

Next, visit Market Brew’s Spotlight screen to determine the missing content needed for higher competency scores.

The Market Brew Spotlight Tool, June 2022.

Here, the content of the target page has 42% of the total potential content on the keyword “personal injury lawyer”.

You can now click on the expert themes and capture Abstract Strawberries to add to the content of your existing page.

Speed Up Internal Link Restructures With Automatic Insights

Speed Up Internal Link Restructures With Automatic Insights

Wondering where to strategically add Link Flow to get the highest internal link effect?

With the Link Flow Finder feature, Market Brew makes this hurdle a thing of the past.

This tool helps you to immediately address statistical deficiencies when necessary.

Now you can perfectly accelerate your internal linking strategy.

How Does Link Flow Finder Work?

Simply enter your page, and let Market Brew’s Market Focus Algorithm detect the best sites for highly effective internal links.

Link Flow Finder then uses those keywords and entities to do a search on all the other pages on the site.

You immediately see exactly which text snippets will give you the most useful effect, according to the current search engine algorithm.

Market Brew’s Link Flow Finder, June 2022.

To access the Link Flow Finder page, click the plus sign to the left of any row on the Link Flow Distribution screen.

From this page, Market Brew identifies where to add links to the target page using the highlighted snippets.

The fragments are sorted by the most possible Network Flow Distribution, making this process a very powerful approach to form the Link Flow Distribution and Equilibrium.

Market Brew’s Link Flow Finder, June 2022.

Automatically Generate Schema & Get Seen On SERPs

Automatically Generate Schema & Get Seen On SERPs

It now takes less than two minutes to determine and create the best scheme to elevate your client’s position.

On each Spotlight screen, you’ll find a tab called “Scheme.”

Here, you can automatically generate and edit a script that can be placed on the page to link directly to Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Market Brew users can use this script, which uses the “sameAs” tagging scheme, to help guide search engines.

Categorize & Prioritize SEO Tasks With Market Brew Teams

Categorize & Prioritize SEO Tasks With Market Brew Teams

Keep your teams on track with your current, live search engine models, experiments, and entity data with Market Brew Teams.

Use Teams to organize your data, and look at each optimization task recommended by the models.

Add Team Leaders and Workers to give them access to the different search engine models.

Overall, the SEO Teams feature is a nice CRM solution that wraps all the search engine models of Market Brew or Analytics Groups in a centralized location.

You can view Tasks directly from the Teams screens.

There, you can quickly dive into the specific issue in the search engine and get recommendations on how to fix the statistics gap between your landing page and the superperformer.

Dark Regime, Market Brew Teams, June 2022.

Get Started With Market Brew 2.0

Are you ready to see how your site will handle the following algorithm?

Are you excited about the possibilities you can unlock with real-time search data?

Get started with Market Brew 2.0!

There are two ways to license the Market Brew software platform.

In-House Market Brew Plans

Brands can license the software for their in-house SEO teams and third-party vendors at a 20% wholesale price.

Agency Market Brew Plans

Agencies have the option of an SEO Reseller license that unlocks a proven sales funnel, 50% wholesale pricing, and support from Market Brew’s search engine team.

Boost Your Income With A Resale Plan

The resale plan comes with Market Brew’s proven sales funnel techniques, which show agencies exactly how:

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