Google’s John Mueller: WordPress is no better for SEO

Google search advocate John Mueller says WordPress isn’t inherently better for SEO than coding a website from scratch.

In response to a thread on Reddit, Google search advocate John Mueller says there is no inherent SEO advantage to using WordPress compared to coding a website yourself.

A thread on the r/SEO forum asks a familiar question that many practitioners face in their careers.

Is WordPress better for SEO than coding your own website?

Other variations on that question include: “is WordPress better for SEO than Wix” or “is WordPress better for SEO than [insert CMS here]?”

No matter how you ask him, the answer is always the same.

WordPress is not inherently better for SEO than any other option. It is one of the many ways to create a website that ranks in Google.

Mueller On WordPress For SEO

When asked if using WordPress is better for SEO than coding your own website, Mueller states:

“It’s not for SEO, but you can focus more on content if you’re not spending all your time creating a new CMS for yourself. (some people prefer to build a CMS, so YMMV).”

As Mueller says, the most significant advantage WordPress offers is ease of use compared to writing code by hand.

However, this is only an advantage for the website owner. Google doesn’t care if a website is built using WordPress.

This question comes up a lot and is worth revisiting because of the misinformation circulating around WordPress and SEO.

For example, take the second most voted comment in the Reddit thread just below Mueller’s.

The individual claims, “Google knows WordPress well,” as if Googlebot can index WordPress pages more efficiently than other CMSs.

This is a lie, although the myth that WordPress is better for SEO persists.

Screenshot from, December 2022.

For more information on the SEO capabilities of WordPress compared to other content management systems, check out this article by SEJ founder Loren Baker.

Baker lists the 25 best SEO-friendly WordPress alternatives and the pros and cons of each:

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